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In 2014, we began pondering this question – how can we encourage the women of Atlanta as they pursue emotional, mental, and spiritual health? With that one question, the dream of Cultivate was born. After literally years of dreaming, we decided to step out on faith and courage and hold our first gathering for women on May 9, 2017. We did not know what to expect or if anyone would even show up, but in the end, we were blown away by the response and interest.

Since that time Cultivate has continued to grow and expand its reach to the women of Atlanta.  At our regularly held gatherings, we offer opportunities to connect with new and old friends, learn from other's stories of courage and faith, and dig deep topics that touch our lives. 

Our mission is guided by our deeply held belief that we are loved no matter what by a good God and that our worth as women is not tied to how much we do, the impressiveness of our resume, or the fullness of our calendar.  Our worth is unchanging, unshakable.  Our worth is factbecause it is rooted in love and grace. When we live from this place of love, we are able to face trials, difficulties, criticism, and uncertainty with resilience and strength.  

Through our gatherings, we hope to spread this message of love and worth by providing the women of Atlanta both a placeand resources to cultivate joy, courage and freedom in their lives.


We hope that Cultivate will be a catalyst for growth in your life.

To cultivate means to foster the growth of, to intentionally nurture. When we cultivate something, we are taking action to grow something with care and purpose. We want to help women of all ages and life stages cultivate lives filled with love and grace.

Our desire is that Cultivate will be a community where women can learn and grow together as they nurture their hearts and minds. We can't wait to know you and grow with you!


Created for a purpose
Created on purpose

Set free
Not forgotten
Not alone


We believe this is your story. We believe this is your Truth.  

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