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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Have you recently felt lonely or disconnected? Not invited? Not included? Or do you ever feel like you have to be the one to reach out to others to make connections? If so, you are in good company! These are common struggles we all face. 

 We are “connected” to more people than ever before, yet many report feelings of disconnection from quality, meaningful friendships. Loneliness is a growing epidemic in our culture. We try to distract ourselves, and fill the empty spaces in our lives to avoid it, but loneliness takes a toll on our emotional well-being.

Join us as our speaker, Miriam Ryan, dives into this topic that affects so many of us yet is often left undiscussed.  We look forward to learning together how to cultivate meaningful connections in our hyper-connected world. 

Kairos Church
5855 Riverside Drive
Atlanta, GA 30327

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Location: Kairos Church

5855 Riverside Drive Atlanta, GA 30327

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