#cultivatecommunity questionnaire


Would you like to help us #cultivatecommunity?  We want to get to know you!  Yeah, YOU!  And we also want everyone else to get to know you!  We want everyone to get to know everyone!   Our hope at Cultivate is to truly cultivate community,  and what better way to do that than learn random, fun facts about one another! If you would like to participate in our #cultivatecommunity endeavor, you just need to do two things.  First, complete the info in the boxes below and then choose 5-10 (or as many as you like!) of the questions to answer. Once you’re done, just hit submit!  Easy peasy!  Second, we need your picture! Email a picture of yourself (it can be any picture of your choosing- a baby picture, your old Senior portrait, a silly picture, or your favorite picture of you and your favorite people!) to cultivateatlanta@gmail.com. We will share your pic and answers to our Facebook and Instagram pages! This will be such a fun way to learn more about the awesome women in our community! Thanks so much for participating!
Mazi, Robin, and Miriam

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From this point on, choose 5-10 of the questions below & have fun answering!