Cultivate is a gathering to cultivate joy, courage, and freedom in the lives of women. 

Welcome to Cultivate!  We are so glad you're here!

At Cultivate, our desire is to be a place for women to gather and a resource to help them grow.   

Cultivate is grounded in two core beliefs. When we live rooted and established in love, we cultivate more joy in the everyday, more courage to face our fears and insecurities, and more freedom to live as we were created. Living from this place of Truth means we believe we are loved by God and that our worth does not come from what we do, say, produce, or accomplish.  God stamped this Truth on our lives the moment we came into this world. 


Secondly, we believe that a small shift can lead to greater change, a pebble can create a ripple, a tiny seed can become a garden. At Cultivate, we desire to encourage women in their pursuit of emotional and spiritual health so they can be the pebbles that start waves of change in their families, friendships, neighborhoods, offices, and churches. 


We hope that Cultivate will be a catalyst for growth in your life.  To cultivate means to foster the growth of, to intentionally nurture. When we cultivate something, we are taking action to grow something with care and purpose. We want to help women of all ages and life stages cultivate lives filled with love and grace. Our desire is that Cultivate will be a community where women can learn and grow together as they nurture their hearts and minds. We can't wait to know you and grow with you!

We believe you are...

Created for a purpose
Created on purpose
Set free
Not forgotten
Not alone


We believe this is your story. We believe this is your Truth.  

Join us for our next cultivate gathering!


Join us for Cultivate's Thanksgiving Vespers service

Thursday, november 2, 2017

Kairos Church
5855 Riverside Drive
Atlanta, GA 30327

Before the busyness of the holidays descends upon us, let us take a moment to reflect on the goodness around us, the highs and lows of our year, the answered prayers, and the still lingering questions.  We hope you will join us for this very special night of music and reflection as we prepare our hearts with thanksgiving and prayer for the upcoming season.  

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And don't forget to mark your calendars for our gathering on
Tuesday, January 23rd! 



In order to best prepare for our Cultivate gathering on November 2, 2017 at 7:30PM, please let us know if you are coming.  

Location:  Kairos Church

5855 Riverside Drive Atlanta, GA 30327

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Would you like to help us #cultivatecommunity?  We want to get to know you!  Yeah, YOU!  And we also want everyone else to get to know you!  We want everyone to get to know everyone!   Our hope at Cultivate is to truly cultivate community,  and what better way to do that than learn random, fun facts about one another! If you would like to participate in our #cultivatecommunity endeavor, you just need to do two things.  First, complete the info in the boxes below and then choose 5-10 (or as many as you like) of the questions to answer. Once you’re done, just hit submit!  Easy peasy!  Second, we need your picture! Email a picture of yourself (it can be any picture of your choosing- a baby picture, your old Senior portrait, a silly picture, or your favorite picture of you and your favorite people!) to cultivateatlanta@gmail.com. We will share your pic and answers to our Facebook and Instagram pages! This will be such a fun way to learn more about the awesome women in our community! Thanks so much for participating!
Mazi, Robin, and Miriam

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If you would like to learn more about Cultivate or have a question for the Cultivate team, email us at cultivateatlanta@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

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